Gaming is a growing market, but it is not limited to appear in twitch live tournament 1% of the players. Recently, a named faceit eSports community company received a $15 million round of financing, investors, mainly including anthos capital, Index Ventures and United ventures currently faceit has 350 million registered users, these players in the platform for a variety of games competition.

Faceit for the user to provide a wide variety of game, this is many twitch game broadcast platform does not relate to the field, the company is still cheapcsgoskin in the championship tournament and sponsors and partners to cooperate, such as Turner sports, and WME|IMG and so on. With the completion of the financing, the company will continue to expand the North American office, and plans to open a new office in Losangeles this month, while working with investors to expand in europe.

Faceit thinks the company's strategy can help them become one of the important leader in the field and help all want to get athletic experience for players to achieve competitive goals and global gaming revenue is expected to in 2019 to $11 billion, the current round of financing can also let faceit in gaming market to get a better position.

At present, faceit has the full support of the games, paragraph 2, respectively, the valve's military shooter "csgo" and riot's annual income of more than $1 billion "hero alliance", at present the company is still in the testing and the DOTA 2 "cooperation, faceit commitment soon extended to more games. The reason for testing, the company is hoping to allow their tools to fully support these games, so that developers will use their technology, so that the players are more likely to use.