Na`Vi's initial year wound up being the most dominant year in Counter-Strike history, as they won all three majors, countless smaller tournaments and broke csgo skins all prize money records to date. The team was notorious for its tough practice regimen, regularly putting in more hours into preparation than their opponents -- in fact , they lived together in Kiev, the only example of a Counter-Strike team successfully doing so over a longer period of time. The Ukrainians often showed up at tournaments having played more than 10 hours of Counter-Strike a day on average in the past two weeks. That is a lot more than top teams generally practice, by the way, regardless of what they would like you to believe.

What made Na`Vi so special was consistency. They had all the skill in the world, the most dominant ever sniper in Markelov -- who, you can argue, is also the most consistent big-game performer the game has ever seen -- and a tactical approach that teams simply could not figure out. The previously world's best team, Danish mTw, which was led by legendary in-game leader Alexander "ave" Holdt, famously could never beat Na`Vi in a match, falling short numerous times despite often having no trouble with any other team.

It is still early to say with Luminosity merely beginning their story as an elite team, but watching them play at DreamHack Open Leipzig, where they destroyed FaZe and grinded out a win over elite team Astralis before ultimately losing two overtime games in the grand final, I could not help but think of how much they resemble the Ukrainian greats. Whether they will be able to match the success of Na`Vi in 2010-2011 remains to be seen, but they are well on their way. And for an added similarity, Na`Vi 2010 dethroned Fnatic of 2009, a team playing similar brand of Counter-Strike as the current Fnatic team, also best in the world and fresh off one of the best years ever.