The Danish team in the EC2013 finals on the line with a total score of 3-1 defeat the French team, won the 2013 European championship.

ESEC2013 line Finals held cheapcsgoskin in Serbia's capital, Belgrade, competition for BO5. In the first map for the de_inferno, the Danish people win the victory of the knife, they choose to do the CT, but the pistol Bureau lost to the french. But success and in the subsequent ECO comeback will lead to 7-2, at the end of the first half when the score was 11-4. In the second half, the French back and won the pistol round, then Yuezhanyueyong, and successfully controlled the tempo of the game, eventually to 16-12 in the first map beat Denmark.

Second maps, the Danish people chose de_train, and this is a very correct choice for them. They won the pistol round, although France rely on kennyS AWP play to regain the of a few, but the Danish team not to give any chance of the French team. In the first half to 11-4 lead. In the second half of the Danish team lost the pistol round, and by the French team eco comeback, score once pulled back, but the Danish team to stabilize the state, eventually 16-12 score to end the second game.

On the third map de dust2, even though the Danish team lost knife bureau to do CT. However , due to play the key of Peter dupreeh Rasmussen and Andreas h'Xyp9x'& Oslash jsleth. Their first half the score at 11-4. After the changeover, the Danish team successfully with a 16-4 win game three.

Finally, a map is de nuke, Denmark Yuezhanyueyong, imposing more and stronger, eventually to 16-5 score to win victory, winning the championship in the ESEC2013.